Party rooms

Its unique architecture in Europe, the worldly parties organized here, the traditional dishes that the guests enjoyed and the controversial historical events that took place here have turned Hanu' lui Manuc into an important tourist point of Bucharest because, not so long ago time, it represented an elegant and well-known local of Bucharest from the past.

These elegant salons were specially created at Manuc's request to host the most beautiful and memorable events, be they weddings, baptisms, commemorations, anniversaries or simple private parties. If you are thinking of organizing a wedding at a restaurant, Restaurant Hanu' lui Manuc is the ideal place. Our event advisors will take the reins and show you how easy it will be to organize such an event according to your wishes and requirements. If you want to organize your birthday at a restaurant in the old center of Bucharest, then Hanu' lui Manuc is the place that all the guests will remember with pleasure. If you are already married, and your baby miracle has just completed its first months of life, Hanu' lui Manuc Restaurant promises you a christening party exactly as it should and as any baby deserves.