City Grill Group confirms its commitment to contribute to the achievement of global sustainability goals. Thus, the responsibility of a nationally recognized brand to be directly involved in improving the climate actions of the HoReCa field of work is affirmed. The steps taken in this direction are essential for the sustainability of the environment but also for a healthy life.

By introducing the digital menu in the fall of 2021, the company is developing in the direction of a paperless work system, which significantly contributes to reducing the amount of paper used. Gogoo is the new waiter of City Grill, the main partner towards a sustainable development, available on the tables of all locations. Through the platform, customers have the opportunity to scan, order the desired products and even pay directly, without browsing a printed menu. By accessing the virtual waiter or the online menu in the Out4Food app, each customer is engaged in this process and thus we all contribute to saving the planet.

We intend to continue the necessary steps in terms of sustainability. Through these actions, we will not only improve ecological statistics, but also aim to shape people's behaviors and attitudes, starting with internal teams and continuing with those in the external environment. City Grill's next contribution to environmental sustainability consists in installing photovoltaic panels in locations that allow this by the end of summer", declared Dragoș Petrescu, founder of City Grill Group.

Another project that facilitates the implementation of sustainable measures in all City Grill locations proposes the installation of economic faucets, with an operating time of 30 seconds from start. At the same time, light sensors will be implemented, for the use of electricity sources strictly when necessary.

In addition, it contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions generated by motor vehicles, by using electric motor cars at the company's Top Management level. Astfel, sunt țintite obiective relevante în timp, care vor dezvolta treptat un stil de lucru sustenabil. The process of purchasing hybrid/electric cars for all work departments is still ongoing. To combine health and sustainability, the vegetables used in City Grill's kitchens are sourced from local suppliers. None of the preparations contain preservatives, which places the quality of the products and the health of the customers at the top of the priorities.

Plastic is one of the topics of interest in terms of pollution, which is why the packaging that the company uses for drinks is made entirely of glass, which is also subject to a selective recycling process. Cardboard, oil, plastic, metal and other waste found in the composition of objects used within the company are carefully selected and sent for recycling. In this way, we speed up the proper packaging and begin the process of modeling behaviors.

In addition to the responsibility for protecting the environment, City Grill Group also focuses its efforts and resources on social development, through programs such as the Dual School. In 2018, the collaboration with those from the "Mihai Bravu" Technical College began, by establishing two classes with the specializations of waiter and cook. City Grill offers practice uniforms and a scholarship awarded based on established performance. Later, in 2021, when the two classes graduated, some of the students were employed in the company. Now the program continues with a single coed class, training and helping a new generation of employees.